On September 9, we heard from Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz and author of The House That Love Built, who transformed her life and the lives of thousands when she asked herself a powerful coaching question, "What if I said yes?"

When Sarah Jackson (she/her) visited the US/Mexico border in 2012, it changed the course of her life. She spent time with people who’d been deported, listened to their stories, and learned about their reasons for migrating and the dangers they’d faced. She also witnessed families being separated. Her own family is super close—the kind of tight-knit family that looks forward to every minute together. They also believe in treating others compassionately. So, when Sarah saw families being torn apart, she couldn’t look away. She returned to Colorado, but there was no going back to normal.

Back home, Sarah took stock of her resources: a one bedroom apartment, a love for volleyball, and a belief that families belonged together. It wasn’t much but it was enough. She opened Casa de Paz and started Volleyball Internacional, a volleyball league that donates 100% of its profits to pay for operating expenses of the hospitality home. She’s been hosting and helping to reunite families ever since. If you ask Sarah how she does it, she’ll laugh and say it’s not rocket science. For the thousands of people whose isolation has been eased by the Casa de Paz community, it’s something even better. It’s love.

For those who would like to donate to this entirely volunteer-run ministry, you may do that here: https://www.casadepazcolorado.org/donate. Your tax-deductible donation helps provide visits, shelter, meals, transportation, and emotional support to those impacted by migrant detention.