Young people are looking for a place to belong in their faith community. A home. It is what you want your home to radiate to your friends and family… warmth and acceptance.

Fuller Youth Institute’s research showed that structures like small groups, youth groups, and retreats were important because they created space for people to be together and nurture relationships, BUT they are simply not enough. Young people today are not looking for more “busyness and programming,” and they are not looking for people to be “nice” to them. But they are looking for a place to belong and to be part of the church family, not just in words, but actions.

Join us this week as we talk about the Growing Young Strategy: Fueling a Warm Community. Hear from high school senior Hanisi Smith and the struggle her family has had finding a church home after a move from Michigan to New Hampshire. And from Kaliyah Seaton who is active in her congregation, Shekinah Chapel, whose history began as an after care program for young African American men and is still growing and thriving because of their emphasis on Chicago’s youth.