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Like with any skill, if we are not practicing it regularly, we cannot expect to serve people well and may even cause harm. What would happen if a newly trained surgeon took time off from their practice and then wanted to start right back in the operating room or a trained athlete took months off and then tried to compete in a race?

ELCA Coaching Ministry is committed to quality coaching and adheres to the teachings, ethics, and competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The people we journey with bring topics and goals to the coaching table that have deep meaning and impact in their lives and the world around them. In turn, our ministry is dedicated to the faithful practice of coaching skills as we accompany others in these coaching conversations.

We invite you to regularly participate in practice coaching sessions, on your own with other trained coaches and/or via these dyad and triad practice coaching sessions. These ELCA Coaching hosted events will include a short review of one of the 8 ICF core coaching competencies, followed by an opportunity to coach and to be coached (and on triad coaching practice days, to also observe coaching).

These practice sessions are scheduled for 90-minute or 2-hour sessions and will vary by day-of-the-week and time-of-day in order to meet the wide spectrum of needs that exist in our coaching pool.

Type of Practice Coaching Session, 2024 Dates and Times:

(Time zones may vary with Daylight Saving Time. We do our best to include other time zones as we understand them to be. Please double-check your time zone against the Central time noted. Times noted at the top of this page are in Central time.)

Please come to the session ready to coach AND to be coached. Remember that a coaching topic for this practice space is something that is:

  • Real,
  • Current, and
  • Of high importance

Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration. Please register at least one week in advance so that we can plan accordingly for the best experience for all participants.