Counseling: In counseling, the therapist works with the client on places of mental or emotional stuckness, often working through past hurts and relational difficulties, with the goal of reaching emotional or mental freedom and higher relational functioning.

Consulting: In consulting, the consultant acts as material expert, does the majority of the talking, presenting, and the telling. The posture of the client is one of receptivity and much more passivity.

Mentoring: Mentoring is a longer term relationship that leverages the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the mentor for the growth and empowerment of the mentee. The relationship is mutual, and the dynamic of interaction is 50/50.

Coaching: Coaching is a relational alliance that leverages the technology and art of powerful questions and intentional exploration to produce awareness, change, and transformation for the client. In coaching, the client does 80% of the talking.

Coaching can be used for a myriad of opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Personal leadership growth

  • Growing as a head of staff

  • Leading as an associate pastor, council president, or stewardship chair

  • Skillful handling of staff or congregational conflict

  • Council development

  • Empowering evangelism

  • Congregational transformation

  • Worship, Mission, or Stewardship development

  • Strategic planning

  • Multiplying leaders

  • Building ministry teams

Coaching in 90 seconds

A brief whiteboard explainer to introduce coaching.

The Why of Coaching

Nathan Swenson-Reinhold shares from his own experience about why coaching matters and what it can do.

Watch a brief coaching session

Recorded at a coach training in the spring of 2021, this video gives a brief sample of what a coaching session looks like.

Get connected with a coach

Confidentially share your answers to a few questions to begin the process of being paired with a coach. Our coaching coordinator will be in touch shortly.