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The cost can be free, or costs can run from the price of a cup of coffee or lunch up to $150 per session. The difference in the cost is related to the amount of experience of the coach. If you are a pastor or congregational leader and your congregation is going to benefit from the coaching relationship, we highly recommend that the church bear whatever cost there is associated with the relationship. If you need help to offset some of the cost of coaching, please contact Jill.Beverlin@elca.org to inquire.

We believe that anyone who has goals they want to accomplish and learning they want to master can benefit from a coaching relationship. The core requirements are a posture of openness, teachability, an openness to reflection, and a desire to work on the part of the client.

Living in Wholeness:

We are proud to have as partners in coaching: young adults, Latine/REDIL, African-descent, Asian, Arabic-Middle Eastern, Native/Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ and more. 

ELCA coaching recognizes the creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness of all of our partners in coaching ministry. We'd be happy to help you connect with a coach who "gets it." 

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