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Trainer: John Mocko

Cost = $300

Each course lasts eight weeks with 90-minute sessions. Pick from one of these two date ranges for 2021:

August 10 – September 28, 10am - 12noon Central

November 2 – December 21, 10am - 12noon Central

"Frame Your Coaching” provides teaching, coaching, and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative process based on observed coaching sessions to increase the coach’s skills for coaching in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.  Four common coaching frameworks are presented: Small Habits, Drama Triangle/Self-Architect, Maximizing Change, and Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Courage.

"Frame Your Coaching" is designed for coaches who have graduated from at least an introductory course in coaching through an ICF-accredited program. Coaches who desire to broaden the frameworks in which they coach confidently, and who desire to practice their coaching skills in alignment with ICF Core Competencies, will benefit from this course.

Attendance "live" for all eight classes is required. A certificate of completion (12 ICF credit hours) is provided at the successful completion of the course.

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will grow in their capacity to coach in alignment with ICF competencies through various modes of learning:

a. Exposure to new coaching frameworks

b. Repetition of key coaching skills that lead to competence and confidence

c. Coaching others with a conscious focus on student designated competencies and the Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) markers

d. Watching others coach

e. Focused feedback from others in the class

f. Focused feedback from an experienced mentor that inspires growth

2. Students will experience growth from “good” toward “great” coaching, as defined by the PCC markers for the ICF Core Competencies.

3. Students will gain confidence in their capacity to coach

4. Students will increase their capacity to engage with clients with a broader range of coaching tools.

Program Requirements:

  • Applicants for the course must have completed an ICF-accredited coach training program and have at least 5 hours of experience coaching clients in a formal coaching relationship.
  • Participants must attend all eight 90-minute classes.
  • Participants must coach at least once during the course with observation and feedback during the eight-session course.
  • Participants must be able to demonstrate capacity to effectively coach and a capacity to continue developing their coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.