Resources and Reminders to go with this video update:

  • YOU. What if you are enough? Yes, you. Simply and gloriously you. (The nuance here is that we are assuming you are an active participant in community in ways that are life-giving for you and for those around you.)
  • LISTEN. To God. To yourself. To others. What is being said? What is unsaid?
  • BE PRESENT. Truly present.
  • ASK POWERFUL QUESTIONS. What question hasn't been asked yet?
  • OBSERVE SABBATH. How are you honoring this invitation of rest and renewal on a regular basis?
  • EACH PERSON IS NATURALLY CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL, AND WHOLE. No one needs fixing. Each of us are fully equipped.
  • OFFER GRACE. So much grace.
  • LIVE IN HOPE. Even amidst the wanderings and struggles, the grief and loss, and all the unknowns, where might you find hope?


Here is the transcript for this video.