Race Relations Coaching
The Journey to Right Relationship – A Christian Response

Coaching cohorts commit to four weeks of self-exploration around race relations. We will reflect on our personal story and its impact on race relations. Participants will commit to providing a safe and brave space to share and listen to each other’s story. Through honest dialogue we gain insight and awareness, are open to growth, and greater understanding of our own racism.

Foundational to our time is a curriculum written by Robin McCullough-Bade for the ELCA.
Participants will commit to creating and maintaining a safe, brave, and grace space for all to
participate. During our time we will begin each session by Dwelling in the Word. We will pray
together, reflect on scripture, share and listen to one another’s story and agree to support one
another as we seek to be in right relationship. 

Coaches are encouraged to share this experience in their own context. Building on their coaching skills of listening, asking powerful questions, coaches support our work of living and loving into right relationship.

Ideally cohorts and facilitators represent racial diversity. To participate in the next cohort email Tammy Devine