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March 16, 2019

From ELCA Coach Nathan Swenson-Reinhold:

Redevelopment Specialty Coaching

"The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is doing many really terrific things to support the reboot of the denomination's coaching ministry. At present it offers free continuing education hours for those who have at least Level 1 training in the ELCA's current model of certification...."


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February 20, 2019

From ELCA Coach Nathan Swenson-Reinhold:

The Uniqueness of Coaching

"My commitment isn't to coaching. I love coaching, and love what it does for people. But my commitment comes from the posture it takes with people and what it does TO people. There is no other relational posture like it...."

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November 27, 2018

From personal development coach Amy Glazer of CoachNet:

Interesting article! How could you use this in your coaching? Could you use it to help your client Articulate? Shift? Implement?


November 19, 2018

Reflections from fellow coach Charlie Zimmerman of North Carolina regarding the importance of listening and giving thanks on our journey in life and in coaching as translated from the online devotional d365 Daily Devotionals. Today’s devotional was written by Allison Wehrung, who lives in Oxford, MS, where she’s the campus minister at UKirk Ole Miss.:

Rejoicing in God doesn’t mean life is easy all the time. But what if, everywhere we went, we got into the habit of looking for glimpses of the holy and giving thanks? God speaks to us through the listening ear of a friend on a hard day. God speaks to us through art and music that breathe new perspective into our life experiences. God speaks to us through the little green plant poking up through a crack in the sidewalk. 
How are you listening? How will you respond? How will your questions help others live more fully into their identities as children of Christ?