“What is the next most faithful step we can take?”

ELCA Coaching Ministry would like to add our voice to those across our denomination and country speaking into this unique time of concern and care.

Many of us are in conversations that have revealed the extraordinary stress that COVID-19 and the associated fall-out has placed upon our faith communities and leaders. It has been said multiple times and in many different ways, “We don’t know how to be a leader in the midst of a deadly pandemic, and we don’t have all the answers.” Indeed, this is true.

We also recognize that getting through this means working together as God invites us in 1Corinthians 12 – the body of Christ, utilizing and recognizing all parts/resources; and most importantly, knowing that when one suffers, we all suffer; when one rejoices, we all rejoice.

ELCA’s Coaching Ministry provided a platform for us to do this together. This week, we are offered space for these topics of conversation:

  • Worship (March 17)
  • Finances (March 18)
  • Staying Connected and Caring for One Another & Our Neighbor (March 19)