Why I don't feel safe wearing a face mask (Aaron Thomas)

Jesus' Social Program (Richard Rohr)


Across the country, we are finding that responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is calling for multi-dimensional strategies to address not just the impact of the virus. We must take careful note and analysis of the systemic and personal "pre-existing conditions" exacerbated by this viral infection. This analysis must include viewing from an informed racial equity and justice lens. Rev. Tiffany Chaney of Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries provided that lens and analysis on May 6.

The ELCA Churchwide Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries team works to assist our call to engage, involve, and invest the gifts, passions, concerns, and interests of indigenous people and people of color in every aspect of the life of this church. For such a time as this, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with ELCA Coaching, Bishops, DEMs, pastors, and other leaders shaping and implementing our response to the impact of this devastating pandemic. We are church together for the sake of the world.