ELCA Churchwide "Considerations for Returning to In-person Worship" (as of May 12)

Many synods have addendums or revisions of this to contextualize things based on state and local phases and guidelines. Please check with your synod.

Safely returning to worship (Church Mutual)

Be sure to check with your own insurance carrier for items that may be specific to your policy and their practices.

The Idiot's Guide to Re-Opening Your Church (Carey Nieuwhof)

Singing, the Church, and COVID-19: A Caution for Moving Forward in Our Current Pandemic (Heather R. Nelson, PhD)

This is a fairly long and technical article but it is by far the best and most thorough piece I have found on this issue. - Dave Daubert

So Your Church Is Opening Up After COVID-19 Closures? It Won't Be What You Are Hoping For. (The Rev. Erik Parker, The Millenial Pastor)

Some thoughts about what church might look like the weeks we return. - Dave Daubert

Wisconsin River Valley ELCA pastoral statement on COVID-19 (one ELCA Conference example)

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Our presenter on May 27 was Dave Daubert, who was invited by the ELCA to begin collating information around "Best Practices for Re-Entry." Here is some of the information he shared with us: 1) Safe and best practices for regathering, 2) Best practices for processing information and making decisions without gathering, especially as it will help illuminate options and help faith communities process information as they decide what to do, and not do, moving forward, and how to navigate conflict in this arena 3) How to calculate online attendance, and 4) Evangelism in the online world.

Coaching is uniquely designed to be a support tool to help each leader decide what is best for them and their community and to help sort through all of the information to take the next most faithful step. If, for example, that step is to stay physically distanced, this session will also help leaders to have a solid narrative around 'why' and how to navigate that.

Pastor Dave Daubert, DMin, PhD, is a second career pastor whose first career was in engineering. That brings a unique gift set that uses gifts for analysis and design that find their way into his church work as well. Dave has two Master's degrees in ministry, a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching, and a PhD in Theological Studies. He also holds certificates in Non-Profit Management, Coaching, and Spiritual Formation.

Dave's work experience has included parish ministry, serving on a judicatory staff, and work as Director for Renewal of Congregations for the ELCA. In addition to his current work consulting, teaching, writing, and coaching - he currently serves as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL.