Rev. Jeff Thieman, President and CEO of Portico Benefit Services, joined us on June 3 to share a perspective on the current state of emotional well-being of ELCA leaders, a dive into aggregate data, and a look at the implications for holistic wellness. This included resources available to ELCA Benefit Plan Members, as well as to the general public. Rev. Theimann has a unique lens from which to speak about wellness in this time of pandemic and looked forward to joining us to talk about the holistic resources available through Portico that are designed to strengthen our physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Rev. Thiemann was called to his current role in 2011. When asked, he indicated he was drawn to lead Portico by the opportunity to combine two things he cares about deeply: solving the complex challenges of health care and retirement planning, and helping more people through God’s work. These gifts are surely being given the chance to shine in our current circumstances.

Questions to ponder:

  • Where do you see emotional well-being issues for you and other ELCA leaders?
  • What barriers keep people from accessing services that would be beneficial to them?
  • What could we do to help remove these barriers?