On August 26, we were joined by Vicar Michelle Knight to share her stories of addiction, recovery, and community, as well as ways our faith leaders and churches can respond.

From our presenter Vicar Michelle Knight, Final Year CL student at Wartburg Theological Seminary, serving at St. Paul’s Lutheran ELCA church in Warren, IL:

I have had plenty of moves over the years, but I call Dixon, IL my home base. Prior to seminary I worked in various fields including investments, human resources, accounting, and farming. I have 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I am answering the call to seek ordination in the ELCA in Word and Sacrament with a specialized focus on serving those in addiction and recovery.

I have always been comfortable sharing my story of recovery with other addicts/alcoholics. I started sharing publicly at my seminary in 2019 and continue to hone my gifts of public speaking and coaching in hopes of shedding light on the need for pastoral care and being sensitive to the spiritual needs of addicts/alcoholics.

I am not an expert – I humbly share my own experience.

I have chosen to step from behind the veil of anonymity to share my resurrection story so that others may receive the message of good news – that there is hope, and that you are not alone! God is always with you and so is the fellowship found in recovery if you choose to receive it.

My dream is to serve God and the church so that no one ever has to suffer in addiction alone. To create a recovery community and place of sanctuary for those on their spiritual formation journey seeking to know the God of their understanding, and the Spirit already at work within them to live a life of abundance as grace filled children of God through Christ Jesus. I also aspire to be a dog owner and the best gramma I can be.

Questions from our presenter: How do I nurture my spiritual connection to discern God’s invitation in my life today? How much meaningful connection do I have on a regular basis with other people that spiritually feeds me?

Additional Resources on Addiction and Connection / Community: