"Grief is the work of mature men and women. It is our responsibility to be available to this emotion and offer it back to our struggling world. The gift of grief is the affirmation of life and of our intimacy with the world. It is risky to stay open and vulnerable in a culture increasingly dedicated to death, but without our willingness to stand witness through the power of our grief, we will not be able to stem the hemorrhaging of our communities, the senseless destruction of ecologies, or the tyranny of monotonous existence." — Francis Weller
In this historical moment, when the cumulative global, social, political, economic, and family pressures, uncertainties, losses, and fears can be completely and utterly overwhelming, how do we find the courage and power to do the thing we think we cannot do — whether that be getting out of bed in the morning or marching out in the street at night?
In this session (3 of 6), Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin invited us into a prayer practice based on Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane — a prayer that can help us find our power in powerlessness, a prayer that helped Jesus find his way through overwhelming grief to the courage and power to do the thing he thought he couldn't do.
Questions to consider:
What is the truth on your heart today?

What happened for you during this prayer practice?

What is the thing you feel called to do?