Interview with Kash Campbell:


Remember the first day you got the keys to the family car and the responsibility you felt that day. Or perhaps think of a time when a coach or mentor pulled you aside and said they believed in you to contribute to the success of a team or project. Who was that person that believed in you?

When we entrust leadership opportunities to others – particularly to young people – we are handing them a deeper sense of belonging and contribution to the realm of God. Similarly, in the midst of brokenness and failure, Jesus invited Peter to take the keys of leadership and continue the work, to “Feed my lambs and take care of my sheep.” Next week, we will explore what it means to give away the keys to the church. Who gets to lead in your congregation or ministry? Is it only experienced leaders, or flawless leaders, or those of a certain age?

Research from Fuller Youth Institute has shown that people ages 15-29 are looking for a role to play right now in the church, and they want to learn alongside other leaders who can show them the way. Those leaders are taking keys off their own keychains and handing them over to young people – keys of responsibility, authority, influence, and access.

On November 18, we met Kendyll Ward, an 11th grade high school student from Havertown, Pennsylvania, and Kash Campbell, a young adult from Orlando, Florida, who shared with us who has given them the keys to leadership within the church.

In preparation, please read John 21:15-19. Begin to think about your ministry context and whether young people are being given shared responsibility in the life of your congregation / ministry.

Questions for reflection:

What did you hear today?

Share who gave you keys to the church.

What kind of leader are you? Keyless, Key Hoarding, Key Loaning, or a Keychain Leader

What excites you or scares you about Keychain Leadership?

What are first steps that you need to make to move toward keychain leadership or help leaders in your ministry be keychain leaders?