We often hear the word ally in the work of kingdom building. When social justice issues meet the church, what does it mean to practice allyship? We will look at some bedrock principles for practicing genuine allyship and see how we can apply them to our ministries, no matter what our work is. Come with your questions and curiosity, and expect some spirit-filled conversations!
Jory Mickelson is a writer, educator, and ministry leader. Currently an entranced candidate for Word & Sacrament in the Northwest Washington Synod, he has recent experience working with the Coast Salish peoples. He has a passion for working in the LGBTQAI+ community and building connections across difference and promoting neighborliness and solidarity. His first book, Wilderness//Kingdom, is the inaugural winner of the Evergreen Award Tour from Floating Bridge Press and won the 2020 High Plains Book Award for Poetry. You can order his book here and learn more about his writing at jorymickelson.com
Some folks asked about the community Jory currently serves: https://echoesbellingham.org/