On March 10, we welcomed back Dave Daubert. As the pandemic twists and turns, we have learned a lot in the last year. In addition, as Easter #2 of the pandemic approaches, this year we have more notice of our circumstances and more experience applying what we have learned. But there are still many who long to “go back to the building” when we can really only “go forward to the building.” That means more nuanced options and decisions and more complex paths than this time last year when “we simply can’t” was the proper and default mode for spring 2020. But spring 2021 means the unrolling of vaccines, new recommendations for long-term protocols, and choices about what to do on-the-ground and what do do online. The new church will have a wider reach (which is exciting) but more plates to keep spinning if we don’t make good choices (which is scary). And things like physical attendance may not look the same as before (which may cause real anxiety). We explored some of these things in this online workshop.

Coaching is uniquely designed to be a support tool to help each leader decide what is best for them and their community and to help sort through all of the information to take the next most faithful step. Now that there are even more choices before us, this session will also help leaders to have a solid narrative around 'why' and how to navigate that.

Pastor Dave Daubert, DMin, PhD, is a second career pastor whose first career was in engineering. That brings a unique gift set that uses gifts for analysis and design that find their way into his church work as well. Dave has two Master's degrees in ministry, a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching, and a PhD in Theological Studies. He also holds certificates in Non-Profit Management, Coaching, and Spiritual Formation. Dave's work experience has included parish ministry, serving on a judicatory staff, and work as Director for Renewal of Congregations for the ELCA. In addition to his current work consulting, teaching, writing, and coaching - he currently serves as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL.