Innovation and Design Thinking

On Wednesday, July 13, we welcomed back Sarah Weaver, ELCA Young Adults Ministry, who shared more with us about innovation and why it matters to the church. From the ELCA Innovation Lab: "In our ever-changing and increasingly complex world, innovation is key. This is especially true for the ELCA. As we address today’s biggest challenges – and opportunities – the lab provides a space for the church to generate ideas, unleash creativity and create positive change in the world God so loves."

We are inviting you to bring a spirit of curiosity to these gatherings and to all aspects of your life. What are you noticing? Where is Spirit moving? How are you being invited to participate?

Join us WEEKLY on Wednesdays at 1pm Central to hear from a variety of leaders. We will continue with our theme of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP through July. We have invited various ministries to host these gatherings, so it will be different each week. There will usually be time for small groups in breakout rooms so that leaders across the church can learn from each other and leave each gathering with at least one action step.

Based on continuing feedback, we will continue innovating, lean even more into coaching, and begin something different starting in August. Stay tuned for those details. Same day of the week (Wednesdays), same time (1-2pm Central), same link, updated framing and formatting.