The Next Place by Warren Hanson


At The Freemasons Hall in March 2016, Peter Capaldi reads an incredible letter from WW1 Captain Reginald John Armes to his wife.

On Christmas Eve of 1914, five months into World War I, something amazing happened: thousands of British and German troops on the Western Front decided to put down their weapons and greet each other peacefully. For the next few days, 100,000 men, British and German, chatted, exchanged gifts, sang carols, played football. They also, without fear, were able to buried their dead. On the evening of December 24th, the first day of the truce, Captain ‘Jack’ Armes wrote to his wife and described this incredible occurrence.


Even amidst an ongoing pandemic, we have many things to celebrate from this year.

Log on for a quick wave, hang out for a few minutes, or join forces with your favorite folks for the full hour of festive frivolity! (Jason loves some alliteration.)

We are planning to record this for those of you who cannot make it yet want to celebrate with us on your own time and in your own way.

Optional levels of participation (aka Jill's invitation for total chaos for the holidays):
We invite you to dress up. (Think more "ugly Christmas sweater party" than a nice night out.) Or not.
We invite you to have your pets and/or your children / grandchildren with you. Or not.
We invite you to bring something that is meaningful to you for show-and-tell. Or not.

And if you find yourself unable to celebrate, or you are juggling a range of emotions in this season, you might consider watching the recording of the Blue Christmas Online Service, hosted by Women of the ELCA (WELCA): (This recording will only be available for 30 days.)

In hopeful anticipation and holy disruption,
Your ELCA Coaching support team