Empathy and the Enneagram

Mark is offering an Enneagram course: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/621243695617
4 Sessions. Each week 1 of the sessions is offered twice. Tuesday or Thursday from 2- 3:30 pm EST in June. (Use code ELCA for 20% discount.)

Enneagram Type Assessment (free assessment from Your Enneagram Coach)

9 Enneagram Personality Types: Strengths, Weaknesses And More (Forbes Health)

The Enneagram: An Introduction (Center for Action and Contemplation, including resources by Father Richard Rohr)

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert

The Enneagram [A Christian Perspective (Unabridged)] by Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert on Spotify

Nine Portraits of Jesus: Discovering Jesus through the Enneagram by Robert J. Nogosek

Using the Enneagram in Prayer by Suzanne Zuercher

More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World by Beth McCord and Jeff McCord

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Chris Heuertz

Wisdom of the Enneagam: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

The Enneagram Journey podcast by Suzanne Stabile

Typology podcast by Ian Morgan Cron


We heard from ELCA Coach and pastor Mark Molter, who presented a brief introduction to the Enneagram and how it can promote self-understanding and empathy.

Mark Molter is a Sibling in the Order of Lutheran Franciscans. He has been ordained for about seven years and serves as Pastor at St Paul's in Frostburg, Maryland. He has been a student of the Enneagram for about a decade and was recently certified through the Your Enneagram Coach Network.

We invite you to bring a spirit of curiosity to these gatherings, and especially to all aspects of your life and ministry. What are you noticing? Where is Spirit moving? How are you being invited to participate?