The Reformation's Unfulfilled Promise
Imagine a church that has a huge impact on society. Imagine a church that feeds the hungry in countless ways and places. Imagine a church that provides healing, comfort, and care for the sick and suffering every day, near and far. Imagine a church with resources that total trillions of dollars. Imagine a church engaged in ministry that is so far-reaching that it's impossible to count, categorize, or report.

A pipe dream, you say? We say it's already happening. Every day. We just lack the eyes to see it and the language to talk about it. It's happening when parents feed their children, when employees do their work, when citizens vote, and in countless other ways. You see, the church is not an institution that seeks to draw people in; it's you -- its people, claimed by God in the waters of baptism, and sent into the world so that all people and all creation may know God's love. Join us to hear from ELCA coach Tammy Devine and author and Life of Faith initiative leader The Rev. Dwight DuBois, as we explore the unfulfilled promise of the Reformation: Vocation.

The Rev. Dwight DuBois is the author of The Scattering: Imagining a Church that Connects Faith and Life. He has served as a parish pastor, congregational renewal professional, and an instructor/presenter for a wide variety of courses and events. He lives in Des Moines Iowa, and lives out his vocation now as a husband, grandparent, woodworker, neighbor and leader in the Life of Faith Initiative.

We invite you to bring a spirit of curiosity to these online gatherings, and then continue living with curiosity in every area of your life and in all your relationships. What are you noticing? What might you be missing? Where is Spirit moving? How are you being invited to participate in the work God is already doing outside the walls of the building where the church gathers?