Narrative Budget: Telling the Story of Your Church / Ministry

"Telling stories permeates all aspects of the life of the church. Still storytelling remains disconnected from budget talks for many churches today. Narrative budgeting connects the congregations story of doing Gods work together with the resources needed." (from this FREE resource provided by the ELCA, Giving Thought To a Narrative Budget: A starting point for re-tooling the Church Budget)

Join us as we hear from Tim Brown, ELCA Director of Congregational Stewardship, who will help us explore the what, why, and how around narrative budgets.

Tim Brown thinks interesting stories are better than boring histories. He's a father, writer, runner, and walker of the spiritual path that enjoys having company and accompanying others along the way as a PCC Level Coach. He helps people raise money to fuel their missions, pastors an online community, and generally thinks snark is preferable to false piety. Often found with a cup of coffee or something stronger in his hand, he attempts to read and write things that are interesting.

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To answer some commonly asked questions about these gatherings:

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