Raising Kids Beyond the Binary, Part Two
What did it stir in you to dream about the church and transgender and nonbinary youth?

What in your ministry context gets in the way of realizing those dreams?

What is one thing you can do this week to move towards the church you dreamed of?
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We heard more from author Jamie Bruesehoff and dared to dream together of a church and world transformed by the bold celebration of transgender and gender-diverse children. Bring your questions, your wonders, and your hopes. This was a collaborative conversation.

If you missed Jamie's presentation with us on April 26, you can watch that recording here: https://www.elcacoaching.org/podcasts/elca-coaching-media/2023-04-26-raising-kids-beyond-the-binary-celebrating-god-s-transgender-and-gender-diverse-children

Jamie Bruesehoff (she/they) is a nationally-known speaker, award-winning LGBTQ+ advocate, and a heartfelt writer. Rooted in her queer identity, her experiences raising a transgender child, and two decades of youth and outdoor ministry experience, Jamie equips leaders to create safer, more inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA people of all ages. Her family and their work have been featured by media outlets and organizations around the world, including Disney, NPR, Good Morning America, USA TodayForbes, Marvel, PeopleParents, Trevor Project, GLAAD, and the Human Rights Campaign. Jamie holds an M.A. in Religion from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Her book, Raising Kids Beyond the Binary: Celebrating God's Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children, is available wherever books are sold and bypasses the sound bites to give readers a vivid picture of who transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive young people are and what they need to thrive. Drawing on the author's experience as a mother walking with and learning from their own transgender child, as well as working with hundreds of families across the country doing the same, this book helps parents navigate the emotional, spiritual, and logistical landscape of raising a gender-diverse child. Grounded in the unequivocal truth of God's deep love and limitless creativity, this book compels readers to move past "all are welcome" to loving and celebrating transgender and gender-diverse youth in the brilliance of their uniqueness, the wisdom of their self-awareness, and the joy of their authenticity.