What happens when Autism and Faith intersect?

We talk about Autism as being a spectrum. Some folks talk about Faith as being a spectrum. What happens when Autism and Faith intersect?

We heard from Rev. Anna K. Gordy, Pastor for Pláticas de Santa Sofia, a ministry of the ELCA.

Rev. Anna Gordy (she/they) is an artist, writer, theologian, and parent serving as a mission developer for the ELCA in San Antonio, Texas. She's a trained ELCA Segment 2 Coach for Mission Development and Congregational Vitality, and they serve as a spiritual director for communities often underserved. Anna believes each of us are created in the shadow of the Divine and that a spark of God's light resides in us all. She says we are each created to be artists and theologians, and they have devoted their life to helping folks uncover their creative place in God's world.