Preparing for the Next Presidential Election Cycle with your Congregation

Additional training opportunity:

Depolarization: A Virtual Workshop for Discipleship in A Democracy

Wednesday, November 8 -- 11:00am Pacific | 12noon Mountain | 1:00pm Central | 2:00pm Eastern

Advance registration required. Only $15!

Hosted by United Lutheran Seminary.

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How well-equipped is your community of faith for conversations across political lines?

What is the biggest obstacle to having productive political conversations?

What step can you take this week to move one percent closer to your goal?

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We are about a year away from the 2024 election. With tensions already running high, what kind of community do we hope to be a year from now? What steps can we take today to prepare ourselves and our communities to be outposts of grace and healing in a fractured and hurting world?

Rev. David Hively shared tools and resources to equip church leaders for such a time as this.

Rev. David Hively (he/him) is never bored. He balances the roles of husband, father, pastor, and coach with grace and purpose. At the heart of David's calling is his role as a pastor, where he passionately serves the community at Christ Lutheran Church in Monroe, Michigan. He also serves as the Director for Coaching in the Southeast Michigan Synod and as a part of the ELCA Coaching Support Team, focusing on Active Status, data collection and analytics, and leveraging technology to advance the Church's mission. 
David's vision extends beyond the pulpit and the church walls. He's a firm believer that storytelling is a powerful force, and that God is still writing the story of the Gospel in people's lives today. David is on the forefront of embracing technological advancements and championing their integration into the Church's mission, using them to teach a new generation the greatest story ever told. David lives in Southeast Michigan with his wife Robyn, children Lucas and Noelle, and two dogs, Eevee and Ziggy. In his free time you'll find him advocating for neurodiverse children, playing TTRPGs, or refilling his favorite fountain pen.