Are You Feeling Lost, Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and/or Afraid?

You are not alone.

As we enter into a time of gratitude and thanks, followed by curiosity, awe, wonder, and celebration, it is easy to become lost and overwhelmed by the season and even exhausted by our fears. Gathering as courageous leaders, we reflected on themes of curious presence, intentional accompaniment, and unconditional love.

Together with Deacon jj Godwin-Dollarhide we discovered new ways of connecting to these spiritual practices and be in community together.

Deacon jj Godwin-Dollarhide (they/them) is an ordained transclergy person in the ELCA. As a chaplain, jj supports amplifying voices and spiritual needs of transgender people, especially in the Tenderloin of San Francisco, by partnering and making connections between the San Francisco Night Ministry, the Transgender District, Glide Memorial Church, and Welcome. jj authored and published a children's book this year, The Deep and the Brilliance, through Wilgefortis Press, which has been read in churches as the Children's Sermon, and continues to be a spiritual practice for amplifying the voice and art of trans people and allies. jj lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find jj on most social media platforms @heyjjgodwin or @jjdollarhide and via email