Questions for your consideration:

What do you think of minimalism and Christian minimalism?

What do you think of the alternative Advent movements, in the face of societal pressure to have a consumer culture-driven Advent?

What has your Advent been like in years past?

How could your Advent be different after what you learned today?

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The weeks before Christmas are often extremely chaotic. Buying and wrapping presents, holiday parties, preparing for family gatherings, and other obligations can make us feel stressed and over-spent, in many different ways. However, the Church season of Advent, along with Christian minimalism, offers us another way to experience the time before Christmas -- a more simple, refreshing, prayerful time.

We learned from Rev. Dr. Becca Ehrlich how the weeks before Christmas can be different for us this year!

Rev. Dr. Becca Ehrlich is an ELCA pastor, author, and teacher. She writes about minimalism from a Christian perspective at, and her book, Christian Minimalism: Simple Steps for Abundant Living, was released in May 2021. She is passionate about helping folks find ways to connect with God and live more simply that make sense for their own life contexts.