Andrew Lloyd Webber, Boyzone - No Matter What (Official Lyric Video)

"All I Want For Christmas..." (Star Trek and Mariah Carey)

--- --- ---

No matter what are your emotions, from grief to joy, or anything else.

No matter what is your capacity, from nothing left to abundant.

No matter what you do to avoid or celebrate this holiday season.

No matter what you believe, or even if you have lost all belief.

You are invited into community to be witnessed as you are and to leave with encouragement and affirmation.

Join us as we listen, ponder, cry, laugh, worship, play, reflect, and share -- practicing together that infamous Lutheran both-and -- mourning and celebrating the wonder and chaos of this season of anticipation and waiting. Jill Beverlin, Director of the ELCA's Coaching Ministries, and Jason O'Neill, Senior Administrative Support for ELCA Coaching, will facilitate this sincere and humorous three-week series on how we survive and prepare ourselves to journey through the seasons of Advent and Christmas in 2023, and beyond.

Who can you expect to join us for this first week? A poor mother from a small town, a 1990s European boy band, a Franciscan friar, the "Songbird Supreme" and "Where no man has gone before"