(church website that frames their ecclesial theology)

Recorded conversation from August 2020:

See Media Notes for the 2020 Proposal and Plan for moving from a centralized gathering to distributed modality. At this point, microchurches were not yet considered as a viable modality. This was a step of faith into a space for less encumbered discernment about next steps.

See Media Notes for the Locus of Concern Gap Activity (three columns). Brief instructions forthcoming.

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Join us as we continue our learning with members of Common Ground Church.

If you missed their sharing with us on February 21, we highly recommend you watch that recording first: Courageous Collaboration with God, Self, and Neighbor at Critical Junctures.

Common Ground Church is an ELCA congregation in Lodi (20 miles North of Madison), Wisconsin, born out of an historic faith community in 2020.The missional vocation of Common Ground Church is to build a network of word, sacrament, and justice microchurches that equip people for a fulfilling, just life in the manner and values of Jesus. They are grounded in a distributed, rather than centralized, building-centered church modality, with microchurches as groups of 3-30 people practicing and growing in faith through worship, community, and mission. From its inception, Common Ground has had a vocational self-understanding that includes experimenting, learning, and expanding this modality beyond their local context in order to facilitate a network of microchurches. They are continually seeking to connect and collaborate with other faith communities who are leaning into an adaptive approach to ministry in this time of rapid change for the church.

Mike Gollmar is a lifelong Lutheran and council president of Common Ground Church. Mike has served in the areas of financial management, stewardship, governance and discipleship, and on the council during the transition from First Lutheran Church to Common Ground Church.

Pastor Michael Lee, pastor of Common Ground Church, has served in rural and suburban congregational contexts since being ordained in 1997.