Join us as we learn from anti-bias consultant and mom Janelle Scales.

An invitation to reflect on how bias -- implicit or explicit -- impacts the way we navigate the world and disrupts our ability to practice community care. We will discuss intersectionality as it pertains to power dynamics, both interpersonally and systemically. We will specifically highlight the power dynamic between adults and children and reach for ideas and actions on how we can use radical compassion to release power and embrace connection.

Janelle Scales is a consultant, organizer, activist, storyteller, and writer. She has been educating children and adults for over a decade on social justice topics including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, and ableism. She has worked with people across the nation including educators, lawyers, parents, doctors, and screenwriters leading Anti-Bias Education Workshops, DEI trainings, and offering private consulting. Her personal conviction and commitment to social justice resonates, convicts, and inspires audiences to engage in self-reflection and community action.