What happens when a church sells their building and discovers that listening for God's plan is much more fruitful than going with our own desires?

Join us as we first listen in on an informal conversation with Grace Gravelle, pastor and ELCA coach, and Jason O'Neill, lay leader and ELCA coach. Grace will share her experiences and learnings with us, and we may even workshop some ideas together in community. We will also invite you into the conversation with your own wonderings and questions, as well as break out into small groups to wrestle with a question or two related to your own context.

Pastor Grace Gravelle, a Minnesota native now residing in Florida alongside her beloved companion, Betty the Rescue Pup, is a dedicated community servant. Beyond her commitments to the congregation, she actively contributes to St. Matthew's diverse ministries and serves as a board member at Lutheran Social Services Jacksonville. Affectionately known as "PG", Pastor Grace finds joy in singing alto with two local choirs. As an advocate and ally for the LGBTQIA+ community, her passion extends beyond traditional service in her pursuit to make all feel welcome at God's table.