The Power of Lament

There seems to be a heaviness weighing on our souls these days. We often do not take time to explore what laments are or how can we use laments to deepen our faith and ease some of the pain in our souls.

Join us as we welcome back Rev. Brenda Smith and Deacon Tammy Devine to talk about lament, a topic we seem to avoid in the church. The discussion will center around personal lament but also will address corporate lament. For example, how can we integrate lamenting into our ministry settings?

Deacon Tammy Devine and Rev. Brenda Smith have offered a workshop on Race Conversations over the past few years, and although several persons have participated, interest has waned. They have explored together what their next focus of ministry might be, and they decided they would like to begin planning ministries based on four different topics. Those topics are civility, compassion, lament, and race relations. Their mindset is that if we come together and talk and pray about these four topics, a transformation can happen that will help ease some of the anger, hatred, division, sense of isolation, blatant racism' and other relational challenges we face as a society today. We are not loving our neighbor as we are called to love them, and it shows. They both feel that our faith communities, not just Christian, but ALL faith communities must be at the forefront in addressing our lack of care and respect for each other.

Prior to her retirement, Rev. Brenda Smith was a pediatric nurse; an Associate Professor of Nursing at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio; a parish pastor at New Hope Lutheran Church in Jamaica, New York; and Program Director for Faith Practices and the Book of Faith at the ELCA Churchwide Office. She considers herself “somewhat retired” as she continues to offer ministry in different areas.

Deacon Tammy Devine is passionate about walking with God’s people. Devine collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate personal and communal growth toward living and leading well through coaching. Devine is credentialed as a PCC Coach; is Certified as an End of Life Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, and Boundless Compassion Facilitator; serves the ELCA as Coordinator of Generosity Ministries; is the Principal for Devine Coaching; and coaches with Clergy Life Coaching and Life of Faith Initiative. Devine is the facilitator of ELCA Segment 2 Stewardship and Discipleship coaching.