Why Great Leaders Take Humor Seriously




Questions to ponder:
  • What is one of your takeaways from today's presentation?
  • How might you implement or adapt that in your context?
  • What is your next most faithful (and possibly humorous) step?


Are you exhausted from the troubles of the world that seem too big, the ongoing pandemic, and Lent and Holy Week? Are you looking for respite and joy? Join us as we learned how humor is a learned skill (hint: it's not about trying to be funny but about noticing what is true) and the myriad of ways that laughter serves us as individuals and in community with each other. And if you're thinking the gravity of work and ministry cannot benefit from levity, we invite you especially.

On Wednesday, April 20, we welcomed two surprise presenters from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. There's a mistaken belief in today's world that leaders need to be serious all the time to be taken seriously. The research tells a different story. Based on the course they teach, they delved into the surprising power of humor to build bonds, power, creativity, and resilience -- and how we can all have more of it.

We are mixing things up in 2022 as we continue to experiment and learn. You are invited to join us WEEKLY on Wednesdays at 1pm Central to hear from a variety of leaders. We will continue with our theme of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP. We have invited various ministries to host these gatherings through this year, so it will be different each week. There will usually be time for small groups in breakout rooms so that leaders across the church can continue to learn from each other and leave each gathering with at least one action step.

We are inviting you to bring a spirit of curiosity to these gatherings and to all aspects of your life. What are you noticing? Where is Spirit moving? How are you being invited to participate?